We are a community of whole-hearted believers in Jesus. We value and celebrate the transforming presence, power and gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We love to see people restored, equipped and empowered to transform their communities to reflect the goodness of God.

Our story

A group of passionate followers of Jesus who hungered after more intimate and free times in worship and who longed for more of God’s refreshing revival in our city began to meet in homes across Cape Town in 2010. The group began to grow and it became clear that there was a hungering after the presence of God and true spiritual community among a number of people from many varied church backgrounds and some who had lost faith in traditional church – but not in God! It didn’t take too long for us to realise that God was organically planting a new church in our midst. The name “Encounter” was selected as it represented the primary focus of the church – inviting people of varied backgrounds to experience the presence and power of the living God, Jesus. While much has changed over the years, this “presence-focus” has remained. The foundations of hospitality and relationship have also continued as hallmarks of the church to this day. Yet, we are so aware that this is still just the beginning… so we welcome you to partner with us and join us in these adventures with God!

Our dream

We pray for and desire to see our city reflectingthe goodness of God in all areas of society. As a church, we are inspired to see people spiritually restored, equipped, and empowered to transform their owncommunity to reflect the goodness of God. We do this through REST– which is anacronym that also reminds us that we partner with God in this calling. Here's how we aim to do this:



Biblical teaching; creating opportunities for salvation, baptism in water & Holy Spirit; restoring identity in God; connecting with spiritual family; receiving spiritual, physical and emotional healing;releasing destiny.



Training, discipling in doctrine and life; releasing prophetic words; discovering spiritual gifting; developing a worshiping and praying community; cultivating Kingdom culture & values; raising future leaders.


step out

Impacting communities/ spheres of influence; activating spiritual gifting; supporting missions. 



Partnering with other churches/ ministries for community transformation; ministering in teams (multi-generational, diverse).



Encounter church is led by a leadership team.Brendon Knott leads this team, and is ably assisted by Colin Walker, Peter Sweatman and Karl Graser.
Here’s a bit more detail about Brendon:

Brendon Knott, PhD
Senior Leader

Brendon is a founding leader of Encounter Church. Primarily, he is a passionate Jesus-worshipper. He has had a love for the local church since his teenage years and desires to see whole nations transformed through encounters with a good God. Brendon received Jesus as his Lord when he was a young child and experienced the presence and power of God in supernatural ways throughout his childhood. Part of a missional family, living in Israel as a child influenced Brendon’s heart for that nation, his understanding of the roots of our Christian faith and instilled faith in him to see all nations come to faith in Jesus. Brendon also has a strong desire to see Christians empowered to live out their sonship with God and fullness of their identity and power through Him in every context of their lives, including their work. Besides church ministry, Brendon works as an Associate Professor at a local university where he lectures and conducts research in his special field of Sport Marketing. He travels internationally regularly to teach, conduct research and present his knowledge. His love for sport and his chosen study field has led him to attend every summer Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup since 2008! Brendon is excited about growing relationships between like-minded church leaders across Cape Town and South Africa, presently serving with a group of leaders through the House Without Walls network.

core ministries

Prayer is the lifeblood of our church and the responsibility of all our members. Check the calendar for prayer or intercession meetings during the week. On Sunday mornings we pray before the main meeting from 9:45am.

Our prophetic DNA is that we are “an army of worshippers”! We love to worship God together. We encourage freedom in worship and an expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit at work during our worship. We have different musicians and worship leaders, each of whom may have a unique style of worship. We therefore encourage worship in different forms and styles. We also love to worship in people’s homes or other locations besides Sunday services.

We are a prophetic people! We value and encourage a prophetic culture in our church community. There are regular opportunities for training and discipling in this gifting if you seek to grow in this or learn more about it. We encourage this gifting to operate in other contexts besides Sunday services, so we often have groups ministering prophetically in businesses, hospitals, among the homeless and on the streets.

We have a growing ministry to serve and pastor business people across our city. We have teams available to pray for and minister prophetically to business people.

We have a passion for reaching communities around our city, nation and other nations. We have a long-standing support of a growing network of churches among a formerly unreached people group in northern Uganda. This has grown to include specific projects that assist the development and support of these people in practical ways, with the financial support of donors and aid agencies. We give regularly to this project.If you would like to support our missions projects, you can contribute financially directly into our Missions account.

We believe that all generations participate in healthy spiritual community. On Sunday mornings we have a Kids programme for children aged 4-12 years old, designed to introduce our young people to the core values and culture of our church and engage them in their relationship with God, in ways appropriate for their age. We encourage participation of children during our Sunday meetings, believing that there is no “junior” HolySpirit!


We actively seek to build relationships with other churches and leaders who we feel share a similar vision and purpose.Here are links to some of our closest connections:

upcoming events

We have a variety of events that happen outside of Sundays, including midweek events for prayer, bible study, mission support, ministry training, worship or community. Check out our list of UPCOMING EVENTS to see what is happening or check our Facebook page for event updates or invites.



27 - 28 September 2019

Details to follow upon registration

UCT Graduate School of Business
Cape Town



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